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We'll rework your wardrobe!

Have you ever wanted to wear one of a kind clothes that no other person can possibly have, but a seamstress is way out of your budget and Pinterest ideas are just not for you? Let us do the work! Szputnyik shop sells hand picked, quality vintage pieces that are quite original themselves, however, we even rework some of them so they would become even more special!

Fringes, new length, sequin showers and extra colors make our Reworked Vintage collection so unique and allow us to turn reliable past basics into fashion specialities.

We are sure you know the most basic trick: fetch a pair of scissors and a used pair of jeans and there are your new shorts. If you have tried to do so you already know that's not all to the story. If you don't want to spend this summer wearing assymetrical, too revealing, or shredding denim shorts then visit Szputnyik shop and choose a profesionally reworked piece that will last!

All denim pieces are similar, since the comlexity of their material determines how they'll react to diy solutions and the result might not be what you were going for. Our unique denim vests each have some extra details added to make them even more unique. The vests and our ripped jeans - that will soon be restocked in sequinned - also await you at any of our stores.

Denim is not the only material we rework, we have a wide selection of vintage dresses, too. The majority of these dresses is also a reworked oiece, since we want to update designs worn by previous generations in order to fit modern expectations. A new waistline, the removal of shoulder pads and rethinking the sleeves can do wonders.

Our vintage dresses are also available online:

If you still want to rework your used pieces yourself we are the right ones to turn to, too. Or ever-growing patch and pin collection is available and help you personalise your wardrobe!

Look for the clothes labelled Rewoked Vintage in our vintage selection at our stores or browse many other special designs in our online store.

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