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Merry Christmas from the SZPUTNYIK team!

Relax, you're still in time to get your Christmas presents so they can be under the tree.

If you're missing a few more little things to get you in the perfect festive mood, you can still get everything you need in store until Friday 24 December at 2pm!
Don't forget: orders placed online after 20 December can only be delivered after Christmas, but if you want to pick up your order in person, we'll be happy to welcome you in our shop!
And if you're already at the Christmas table thinking about what exciting outfit to wear to the New Year's Eve party, then Sputnik is the place for you, because we have more and more special vintage treasures to light up the night between the two holidays!
Don't worry, we'll be waiting for you during and between the holidays!
Browse our festive opening hours to avoid any surprises and remember that our webshop is always open!

We have a surprise...

You can now find some Christmas products with 20% discount in SZPUTNYIK stores and online!


Van egy meglepetésünk...  Egyes karácsonyi termékeket már most 20% kedvezménnyel találsz meg a SZPUTNYIK üzletben és online!

Some tips for an eco-friendly Christmas:
- Recycle your plastic bags
- Shop with your own reusable shopping bag!
- Don't throw it away, turbocharge it!
- Give the gift of pins and patches that best match your loved ones' personalities, making it easy for them to transform their old clothes that are tired or in need of repair!




  • When you treat your loved ones to a vintage item, you give new life to a second-hand garment and recycle fashion.


  • Donate!
    As Christmas approaches, many people are giving to those in need. At Sputnik, you can find donation boxes all year round to support the Down Foundation, St. Francis Animal Shelter, the Hungarian Ornithological Society and Radio Tilos, and in return you can choose unique little things, even as Christmas presents.
    Take action against pollution this Christmas, give the gift of caring for our planet!

Pack lightly!
- in recycled paper
- give them in reusable gift bags
- Use unique vintage scarves as wrapping material, as they won't end up in the trash after gift-giving, but can be the jewel in your wardrobe.


  • You can even use small bags, gym bags and socks as packaging! A handy little pencil case can also be the perfect packaging, as it can be used as a pen holder or make-up storage for the gift recipient.




  • Choose from our special vintage totebags (only in our shop!), collected from all over the world and a real rarity. Use them to wrap your gift with care, and later they're a great alternative to plastic bags when shopping.
    Rethink the role and function of the objects in your environment and give them a new meaning.

On behalf of our whole team, we wish you a Merry Christmas full of wonder and intimate moments!