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Tired of your clothes? Not for long! Our new patches have arrived!

Our new patches have arrived in the shop. Don't miss them! With hundreds of new pieces to choose from, you're sure to find your style. Because the secret to the perfect set is in the little things.

Iron on your tired clothes or throw on your favourites and you'll have a more unique and personalised wardrobe!

But how do you do it? Our video gives you some ideas! Come and learn!

Not only stylish, but also sustainable!

If you don't throw away your worn-out clothes or hide them in the bottom of the wardrobe, but instead rework them and put them back to daily use, you're doing good for yourself and the planet. Because while fashion is a great thing, it can be very hard on the planet if you throw your clothes away after a few uses. That's why upcycling is the perfect solution. You can let your creativity run wild, and your clothes can get a new look.

Here are some categories to help you choose your favourite!

The cute pinkies!

The bluish and other cuties are here!

Roses, puppies and butterflies

Trippy, mushrooms, colorful patterns for thoose who loves to go crazy

Who wouldn't want to wear the logo of their favourite band? Now is your chance, a little ironing, a few stitches and you can show everyone who your favourite is. Now we've got an even bigger range to make sure you find that band or artist whose songs you sing in the shower.

Check out our full range and get inspired! >>>

ACDC, Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden?

Eminem, Tupac, Black Sabbath?

The patches are 990 Ft per each.

Come and choose! You'll find lots of products in the shop and on the webshop!