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Valentine's Day Guide: The opposites attract each other!

Everybody know that the oppostites attract each other. The perfect exmaple is the well-known trend in the fashion: the mix-and-match when the imcompatible patterns are matched with each other to create something ground-breaking.

Socks: 1990 HUF

So we brought to you a few examples for Valentine's day when you can dress up to each other to get a fantastic look together.

Socks: 1990 HUF

The striped and checked patterns together are always direct hits. We show you a checked and a striped outfit that highlights the harmony between you and your partner.

Striped outfit:
Hat: 2.990 HUF
Heartbreaker purse: 9.990 HUF 
Vintage denim jacket: 9.990 HUF 
Vintage blouse: 6.990 HUF 
Trousers: 6.990 HUF 
Sunglasses: 3.990 HUF
Checked outfit:
Bow tie: 3.990 HUF 
Scarf: 5.990 HUF 
Vintage shirt: 5.990 HUF 
Vintage denim jacket: 11.990 HUF

Angular sunglasses: 4.990 HUF
Round sunglasses: 4.990 HUF

The opposites can show up in the little details too like socks, or in extravagant sunglasses to break the monotony of weekdays.

Eternal dilemma: cats or dogs? Why not both? Dress up in the favourite pet inspired outfits and show them to the big world!

The music is full of opposites like the eternal rivals, The Cure and The Smiths. They compete for decades with each other but the music can birdge everything.

Band T-shirts: 5.990 HUF

Find your favourite opposites in the life and show the power of love also on Valentine's day! For more treasures check our webshop and our shops!