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Beach chill with Szputnyik!

The theme of our photoshoot is the beacht and relaxation. Because who doesn't like to have a drink with friends on the water after a long week or a festival? We give you some Szputnyik ideas on how to be unique even on the waterfront!

Our vintage and new clothes are all part of the new summer 2022 collection. And our vintage pieces are renewed week by week in the shop, so if you're passing by, it's worthy to  stop and check the supply.

Fürdő short

Short - Spotted Price: 9.990 Ft

Vintage shirt - Clouds Price: 4.990 Ft

Vintage ingek

Vintage shirt - Painted lines Price: 4.990 Ft

Vintage shirt - Brown plaids Price: 5.990 Ft

Our vintage shoes are in the shop. Come and check out the new collection. New pieces are added every week.

Csoportkép vintage ingek

Vintage shirt - Painter Price: 5.990 Ft

Vintage price - Painted lines Price: 4.990 Ft

Sellő Nadrág - Rózsaszín-kék

Mermaid Pants - Pink-blue Price: 7.990 Ft

Női szettek

Short - Tenis Price: 9.990 Ft

You can find the other pieces of the set in the shop.

vintage ingek

Vintage shirt - Painter Price: 5.990 Ft

Vintage shirt - Poppy Price: 7.990 Ft

Szalmakalap - Szputnyik Shop

A wide range of straw hats, other summer hats and sun visors in the shop. Check out our summer collection!

Nyári nadrágok

Vintage pants Price: ~7.000 Ft

You can find all the marked clothes on the webshop. But don't stop here! Stop by our shop at 20 Dohány Street to choose from a selection of unique pieces and get the Szputnyik feeling!