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WINTER SALE - Additional 30% discount is coming!

New year, new wardrobe! Beside the guaranteed 20% discount we'd like to surprise you with 30% off too to expand you clothes selection! Everybody can find a treasure for her style on a very favorable price!

Visit our stores or shop online during our Winter Sale event, between 26 and 31 January when you can have a guaranteed 20% discount provided you know the password and tell it to the cashier or submit it in our online store. What's more, you can even have 30% or 50% discounts on some of our selected items! 


Hatalmas kedvezménnyel várunk benneteket január 26-31. között üzleteinkben, akár 20, 30, 50% kedvezménnyel!


Here are some of the items you can get on sale during our event.

Winter elegance

téli ruháinkat 30% kedvezménnyel hazaviheted téli akciónk alatt

The cold weather does not mean you can't wear elegant clothes! We present you our collection with owl prints and with geometric prints what you are able to buy with 30% off! Thanks to their thick material and to the hoods you should not be affraid of the colds meanwhile the dresses bring warmth, color and light to you heart.
They are available both with short and with long sleeves in our stores and on webshop too.

Our online selection:


The Szputnyik lies in the details!

téli must have kiegészítők 30% kedvezménnyel

The winter coats can be a nightmare to accessorise, but here are some awesome treasures that can cheer up your appearence in the cold weather too!

The unique beanies with pompons or the big, colorful scarves are your favourite friends now for 30% less!
If you have selected your color, don't forget to choose a matching little bag for them to complete you outfit in the grizzle!

Our online selection:

 Simple and great!

vintage nadrágkollekciónk darabjai is kedvezményesen várnak rád

Spring is coming, so you can't avoid the inevitable vintage pieces: the trousers and the classic sneakers. In the shop we have tons of Vans and Converse shoes just waiting for you with a very inviting price in a large selection of sizes and colors to seduce its new owner. Basic pieces that can cheer up you apearance. Don't miss out: get them on a low price now

Urban chic 

különleges kiegészítők 30% kedvezménnyel

We have a surprise for everyone: if you're in love with the modern, french chic then here's the opportinity to get the most elegant leather gloves on a lower price that will protect you perfectly during winter. However, spring's also coming so let's get prepared with some kerchiefs and scarves that have unique prints, not to mention our vintage purses with lovely, colorful designs! Don't be afraid to smuggle a pop of color into your outfit to become the true forerunner of spring!  

High quality, low prices!

We'd like to crown our winter sale with some special Herschel raincot and windcheater with very special prices. Choose a high quality vintage boots to the global brand!

This is only a sneak peek into our selection on sale, follow our blog, Facebook and Instagram.

We are waiting for you during our Winter Sale between 26 and 31 of January. Don't forget that this month doesn't have to be boring, and winter doesn't have to be gloomy!

* The discount is not valid for Fjallraven products and cannot be combined with any other sales and promotions.


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