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WINTER SALE - 30% off of winter must haves and vintage treasures!

Winter Sale akció a Szputnyik shopban!

January equals renewal and winter equals soft jumpers and practical accessories. You can get anything you might need to survive the gloomy winter days during our January sale!

We're here to show you all the goodies you can grab with 30% off during our Winter Sale between 25. and 31. January.

Vintage pullovers

Vintage pulóverek kedvezményes áron

Our unique pullover selection is not only a real destination during Christmas, we have hundreds of fun pieces for all occasions! If you're looking for some cheer and warmth, then our treasury is here for you. Now with 30% off!

Vintage shoes

Egyedi vintage bőrcipők kedvezményesen a Szputnyikban!

Sales are a perfect opportunity to get your hands on some real unique finds for a fracture of its original price, so dig in and get yourself a beautiful vintage shoe with a 30% discount!


When it's cold outside practical dressing is essential. That's why these bags are a must have. You can access your valuables easily even when you're wearing so many layers your elbows won't bend. Not to mention the fact that they also come in handy during summer. Ez mindössze egy ízelítő leértékelt termékeinkből, még több részletért figyeld blogunkat, és kövess minket Facebookon és Instagramon! Várunk szeretettel téli leárazásunk alatt január 25. és 31. között üzleteinkben és webshopunkon!

Winter dresses

Our super popular soft winter dresses are also on sale this winter! They are your savior from uneventful days. A cat-printed or a geometric piece will even turn a dark winter morning around.   

This is only a sneak peek into our selection on sale, follow our blog, Facebook and Instagram to find out all about the sale. We are waiting for you during our Winter Sale between 25 and 31 of January.