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Spring at Szputnyik

Finally it's spring time!

Wear your prettiest clothes and let's go out into the sunshine! Wlak around or sit in squares and reoccupy the city!

Nobody can tell you to keep it simple this year. This spring is not about holding back. Mix colors, fabrics and patterns. Strypes with floral, leather with cotton, metallics with lace. Let the catwalks inspire you and create your origonal look with the best vintage and the newest designs!

The hour-glass body type is the most feminine of all shapes and fortunately it's fashionable to emhasize it. Pay attention to your waist! If you wear high waisted skirts or shorts don't forget to add a belt and turn attention to your shoulders with puffy sleeves and special tayloring. Your skirt can even be an A-line skirt or a tight one.

Since tribal and ethnographic prints are in this season why not wear some Hawaiian? It's not only aztec, mayan and inca cultures that had great patterns. Guys, your floral shirts are no longer stricly festival approved and hurry to get some bermudas with hibiscuses, plumerias, and pineapples!

Do you miss flower crowns, palm trees and sunglasses? Let's play tourist in Budapest and discovet the coolest places!

Backpack, shorts and t-shirts? A basic outfit, but not at Szputnyik shop! As soon as the weather allows you to change into the most comfortable unique printed t-shirt, a cool pair of shorts and a giant backpack!

Sweet nineties!

Neons, hip-hop, gaffity, and geometric elements are back! If you don't want to joing the grunge camp, then let us show you how it can be done!

Enjoy a beautiful and stylish spring!