Gift voucher

You can never go wrong witha Gift Voucher! You can determine the worth of Szputnyik shop Gift Vouchers that are valid for 6 months from purchase at our stores.

Why is it a good idea? 

  • It's value is entirely up to you
  • There is no need to hurry to use it since its valid for 6 months
  • It's valid for Szputnyik shop's full collection so the person can choose freely what to buy with it

Where are our stores?
Szputnyik shop D-20

1074 Budapest, VII. Dohány u. 20.

(2 minutes from Astoria)

Szputnyik shop K-22

1061 Budapest, VI. Király u. 22. (Káldy u. 1.)

(Entrance from a Káldy street, opposite to Gozsdu Udvar)


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