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Size guide

The most important thing when it comes to shopping online is to know your sizes and the international sizes. You can find all the information on the subject in the documents below.


Sizes may have changed through the years, therefore it is possible that a vintage piece has a seemingly different size than indicated. The easiest way is to measure the items, then compare it to your size. 

Under the links Size Guide - Women, Size Guide - Men, and Size Guide - Accessories you can find information on how to measure certain items and how to determine your exact measurements. We even included helpful illustrations. By comparing these sizes you can decide whether a certain piece will fit you or not. 

The Printable Measurement Tape helps you in avoiding having to look for a ruler on any alternative measuring equippment. With downloading it you can create your own measuring tape in minutes.


Switch off/ disable the following in Acrobat Reader:

  • "Fit to page, Shrink oversized pages to paper size”
  • Choose the option "None" on the menu of "Page Scaling".

How to use the measuring tape?

How to piece it together: 

Cut along the line:

Pu them together in order:

Tips for the most punctual measurements:

  • Fold the tape around yourself, but don't keep it too tight because it won't show accurate measures
  • Don't hold your breath, be honest with yourself, everything will start to look better on you then! 
  • Measure yourself in front of a mirror
  • Always pay attention to the direction the measuring tape is hels in

If you find an unknown term just check our Word explanation.

Now you're ready to shop! 

Visit and find the piece that fit you the most!