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🍁The History of the Kilt🍁

The kilt skirt, or simply "kilt," is a garment deeply rooted in Scottish culture and history. This traditional Scottish dress is justifiably famous, but where did it come from and...

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Halloween in Szputnyik

As every year, we couldn't wait to start dressing up the store in Halloween decorations. Skeletons, zombies, bats and pumpkin lanterns decorate the shop windows, but of course, don't forget...

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🎃This is Halloween👻

A hoodie with an exciting pattern, some skulls or a vintage baseball cap and you can transform yourself for an evening. If you're bored with costumes, choose a more casual...

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👀Let's see, now WHAT'S NEW❓

We have officially said goodbye to summer, we have started to pack away the summer clothes and willy-nilly we are looking at the product range of one or two brands...

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