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Pantone: Classic Blue

Pantone: Classic Blue

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

Pantone has announced the color of 2020, as they do in every year. This year it's officially a shade named Classic Blue, and it's already here to spread positivism and cheer in our everyday lives!

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Neked már megvan a kedvenc sapkád a télre?

Have you got your favorite hat for the winter?

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

A tél elengedhetetlen kiegészítői közé tartoznak a meleg darabok, köztük a sálak és a sapkák. Most elhoztunk nektek egy kis ízelítőt a hatalmas sapikollekciónkból, hogy minden szettedhez legyen egy igazán tökéletes választás.

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A legjobb műszőrme bundák 2020-ra

The best faux fur coats for 2020

January means the beginning of the seemingly endless winter days, it's always cold and we don't feel like leaving home, at all. Here's a way of coping with the cold: check out our huge unique vintage coat collection!

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Ilyen volt veletek 2019!

This was 2019 with you!

Fashion Projects Fall/Winter Vintage

We have just finished a very active year that you, our loved costumers made incredible. We have collected the best moments of 2019.

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Boldog új évet kíván a Szputnyik csapata!

Szputnyik wishes you a happy New Year!

Fashion Fall/Winter Szilveszter Vintage

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Marie Claire - 2020 Január

Marie Claire - 2020 January

MarieClaire Fall/Winter Press Style Tips

Marie Claire starts the new year with us and our super trendy platform Dr. Martens boots!

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JOY Magazin - 2020 Január

JOY Magazin - 2020 January

Joy Fall/Winter Press Style Tips

JOY started the new year with us and with our lovely winter accessories like this super soft color-blocked scarf.

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Kezdjétek szilveszteri színkavalkáddal az új évtizedet!

Let's start the new decade with color cavalcade!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Szilveszter Vintage

We are just waking up from the laziness of Christmas but the New Year's Eve is already heading to us to cover the whole world with serpentines and confettis to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome the new year!

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Boldog karácsonyt kíván a Szputnyik csapata!

Szputnyik wishes you merry Christmas!

Events Christmas Fall/Winter

Read more → A vintage világ gyöngyszemei The pearls of vintage world

Fall/Winter Press Vintage

The famous Hungarian fashion blogger, Bence Csalár has visited our shop to check the actual trends and get some inspiration from our Christmas selection.

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