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Tavaszi megújulás: a 90-es évek kedvenc napszemüvegei már a boltokban!

Spring renewal: the best sunglasses of the 90s are here!

Fashion Napszemüveg Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Here is the spring so hurry up to get your favourite sunglasses! If you could not buy yet the perfect ones then visit us because we are waiting for you with more than a hundred different types of sunglasses!

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Megérkeztek az igazi tavaszköszöntő nyakláncok!

Here comes the spring collection of necklaces!

Fashion Nyaklánc Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

We brought you the new collection of accessories: the unique necklaces. Select from the different stlyes and colors to refresh your wardrobe!

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Éld át a tavasz minden pillanatát legújabb óráinkkal!

The new watches are here!

Fashion Óra Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Now we can surely live with the new spring time where the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. Don't let the time confuse you, so make sure with the newest pieces of the collection that you are in the right time!

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Tisztelgés a múlt előtt - Ünnepi nyitva tartás

Szputnyik shops are closed for 15th of March

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer

On 15th March also the Szputnyik crew is celebrating the revolution and the heros of 1848 so the Dohány street and Király street shops are going to be closed for that day.

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Közel 20 új típusú cipővel tér vissza a PAEZ 2019-ben!

Nearly 20 new types of PAEZ shoes have arrived!

Shoes Fashion Paez Shoes Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

When it comes to style, spring is the most exciting season. Our creativity and adventurous selves awake from hibernation, colors return to our wardrobes and we set out on a long hunt for essential clothing for the upcoming season.

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Ünnepeld a nőket a Szputnyikkal!

Celebrate strong women with Szputnyik shop!

Fashion Events Nőnap Spring/Summer

On March 8 we celebrate the Women's day worldwide. But it hasn't been such in the start: in 1857 the women workers in New York has started a strike to fight for the equality between the genders.

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A tavasz hírnöke: itt az új TOMS kollekció!

The forerunner of Spring: the new TOMS collection!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer Toms Shoes

The first forerunner of spring has arrived to Szputnyik shop with the new collection of TOMS!

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Ezek a legújabb webshopos kincseink

New online arrivals!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Our online selection is expanding from day to day so we show you the newbies to not to skip it! Now the highlight is on the accessories because finally you can show them to world in the wamer weather!

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Tavaszváró - Vidám virágminták az új hónapra!

Groundbreaking florals for spring!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer Vintage

Soon it's time to say goodbye to winter and head into more sunny weekdays. We created a few spring outfits to get you in the mood.

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Ne dobd el -  Dobd fel!

Don't throw it away - let's upcycle!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The new designs of the spring collection have arrived to our stores, and so did the new pins, patches and stickers. We present to you a few of the newbies to encourage you to refresh the wardrobes.

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