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We aim to educate our customers not only to love and care for the items they find here, but also to change their perspective on consumption and shopping. We urge you to be conscious with your choices and we are here to show you a way to make yourself and others happy at the same time, when shopping at one of our stores. We would like to present to you those organizations who you get to donate to while shopping at Szputnyik.

 Hungarian Down Foundation

A Magyar Down Alapítvány füzetei elérhetőek Dohány utcai üzletünkben, mindössze 300 Ft adományért cserébe.

"The goal of the activities of the Hungarian Down Foundation is to ensure that as many children with intellectual disability as possible are brought up within their own families and live an independent life as an adult. To assure this, the Foundation provides a range of support services to parents, children, adults and elderly intellectually disabled persons."

The Foundation helps in almost every aspect of their lives, and an important aspect is relaxation and self expression. The perfect platform for that is their Day Care Center's Creative Workshop, where disabled individuals get to create freely while enjoying a sense of community. They draw and saw notebooks by hand, and these notebooks are available at Szputnyik D20 in return for a 300 HUF (€ 0,93) donation. They maintain their art project with these donations.

A Magyar Down Alapítvány füzetei elérhetőek Dohány utcai üzletünkben, mindössze 300 Ft adományért cserébe.


Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society

This society was established in order to help and protect Hungary's wildlife and to raise attention to the importance of the protection of birds. They bring nature closer to urban people and educate them on our colorful wildlife we have gotten further from due to our way of life. They research and organize events in order to fight pollution, and they keep on spreading information on nature in order to bring attention to those issues. 

Their Pin Campaign was created in order to do so. For a 500 HUF (€ 1,55) donation you can choose one from their collection of stylish and artistic nature-themed pins. Their collection is always changing, it includes the most popular wildlife animals and the elements of Hunary's flora and fauna. Find them at both of our stores!