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Get to know Szputnyik's world!

Szputnyik shop has been here for all the global fashion adventureres and treasure hunters for more than a decade. Our aim is to create a community in which everyone is free to be their most authentic self and express it through their personal style. We don’t just sell clothing, we offer lifelong companions, hence our name, inspired by Murakami Haruki’s bestseller Sputnik Sweetheart.

Explore our main values and principals:

1. Be original!

  • Our mission is to offer a wide selection of unique and quality items so that all can find what sepaks for them. Our vintage selection consists of one-of-a-kind items, so originality is guaranteed.

2. Be the real you!

  • We pride ourselves in putting huge efforts into having a great selection if vintage and new items. When it comes to our new collections, we are looking for art-like designs so it’s easy to mix and match them with vintage treasures and achieve the most unique and contemporary looks possible. We promise you’ll find the items matching your personality here.

3. Be daring!

  • We believe that self-realization begins in your wardrobe. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not be wearing. Be yourself, there is no such a thing as too much with us.

4. Be eco-conscious!

  • When it comes to reducing your ecological footprint shopping vintage is a huge step! By choosing a preloved item you give it a new life and save it from becoming landfill waste.
  • Our new products are versatile, so that you can wear them for a long time. Take care of them and they’ll serve you well!
  • Whenever a damaged item comes into our posession, we make sure to fix it or recycle it.

5. When in doubt, upcycle!

  • We have a limited Reworked collection consisting of vintage pieces that we altered in order to make them more unique. These jackets, shorts and dresses are all upgraded with creative solutions by the members of our team.
  • Instead of buying new items all the time, you could upcycle the ones you already own. At Szputnyik shop, you can find all the tools for that. Check out our huge selection of patches and follow our social media for inspiration and tutorials!

6. Fix it up!

  • All the items available at our stores are carefully selected and mended if needed by our employees so that you get to give them a loving home for a long time.
  • We want all items bought at our stores to be your loyal companions as long as possible. Feel free to ask the staff about taking care of your new clothing.

7. Inspire and be inspired!

  • Vintage style enables you to leave behind mainstream fast fashion fads and show your own style.
  • Trust your intuition and wear what feels right! We are here to help you with our lookbooks and style tips on our blog and social channels. Follow us and be a member of our style community!
  • Show us your take on our products, we’d love to see and share how you make them your own!

8. Stand up for what’s important!

  • It’s not just conscious fashion we are up for, we believe it is important to give back and be mindful of the world around us. We created a new way of consumption with which you have the chance to help while shopping at our stores. Find out more.

9. Support local creators!

  • Szputnyik shop has been a local, family business for more than a decade. We’re putting all our hearts and souls into our stores. We’re here to inspire and create value for all of you who visit us.
  • We have more and more local creatives joining us who we can support by making their sustainable designs available to you.

10. Support ethical fashion!

  • You can only find ethical and sustainable global brands at our stores that we share the same values with, like Fjallraven, Dr. Martens, Birkenstock, Native, Toms, Paez and Herschel Co. They all believe sustainablility is crucially important while creating quality, long-lasting products. Find out more about them here! 

Get to know Szputnyik's World and find out that different is beautiful!

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