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It's festival time!

It's time to celebrate, the festival season is back on! The best feeling is to give, but it's even better to recieve and it's jut tome fot gets some summer experience!

Visit Lake Balaton and enjoy the best dj-s. Shine in the crowd, wear gold accessories and don't forget the sunglasses that are must have pieces to protect you from the sun. Fortunately men also have more options than wearing only khaki, brown and grey since colorful shorts and tank tops are no longer for women only!

Whole summer is about seeing your icons at festivals! Don't wait around, LIVE NOW!

Filming a Kusturica-remake is not necceserily a must in order to feel the freedom, the music and endless parties. You'll love even the smallest Hungarian music festivals. They will fill your life with years worth of energy, stories, friends, relationships...

The whole festival season is about your favorite musicians coming to your door. Starting with the upcoming VOLT Festival you can meet giants in the hungarian countryside and by day you can discover the beautiful city of Sopron. Don't miss our friends Kultúrcikk (Sopron, Várkerület 96.) who reflect the Szputnyik feeling with both their interior design and atmosphere since you can find our best designs, clothes and accessories on their selves.

Be stylish wherever you are in the world. But what to wear? Be comfortable, unique and creative, but most of all, keep it easy since outdoor events call for clothes you can easily move in, Wear jenas with a daring top or become a retro fashionista from the 1970s, choose a bohemian skirt and a hat and the smiles will start coming!

Let's see our top festival choices for this summer:

  • Volt Festival, Sopron july 2-6.
  • Pohoda, Trencsén july 10-12.
  • Balaton Sound, Zamárdi july 10-13.
  • EFOTT, Miskolctapolca, july 15-20.
  • Bánkitó Festival, Bánk, july 17-19.
  • Sun Festival, Csobánkapuszta, july 22-27.
  • Ozora, Dádpuszta, july 29-august 3.
  • Ördögkatlan, Villány, august 5-9.
  • Sziget Festival, Budapest, august 11-18.
  • Frequency Festival, St. Pölten (A) augusts 14-16.
  • Strand Festival, Zamárdi, august 20-23.7