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Festival weddings - Say YES to the Fest

Do not just say a weak long ‘’I do’’ to Sziget. Where else could you bind your love with the One without any consequences, than at the festival with the most freedom !? You have to make it special, though, since the memories of the euphoric week are forever!

Brave and eager young men, lead your females to the Szputnyik tent and choose your wildest outfits!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this by all means, is the beginning of a beautiful ‘’Sziget-lifetime” together!

Who can say that Macklemore, Queens of the Stone Age or Calvin Harris has played at their wedding celebration? Well, you and the thousand pictures uploaded instantly to social media can! Just to receive all the congratulations when the sunset wakes you! Nights are not for sleeping around there!

Not the serious type? Thank God!

Then you are a 90’s person! Band hoodies, sneakers, crop tops, skinny jeans and pleated skirts. Do not carry those around, get them directly from us! Just bring your toothbrush and an extra outfit.

You can’t escape the atmosphere! Seeing him wearing his oxford shoes and Mickey Mouse tie, or her in her platforms and hot pants, just to make you happy, will make you tear up. Your love dresses to impress you, so impress them with a loud I DO!

Come and party with us, look for the Szputnyik tent at this year’s Sziget as well!