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Szputnyik, the Budapest Feeling - behind the scenes

Would you like to see how a photoshoot goes down with three characteristic and fun singers?

Now here are all the details!

The editorial turned out to be beautiful and exciting, but they can be even more interesting if you can see behind the scenes, so we will show you the day of the shoot. Preparations began in Szputnyik D20 where the crew gathered and where Anna Pásztor, Bori Péterfy and Sena Dagadu waited for Mark Kiss stylist to dress them.

You may know that he is our regular stylist, because we can be sure that Mark will feel the vibes of whatever the theme is - and not just because he knows us so well. With his professionalism he is well aware how important the perfect outfit is in order for a shoot to be fun and loose.

Zsanett Fábián was inpired by the 90s and created fitting extreme updos for Bori and Anna. After getting ready we hit our first location Ibolya Presszó. The helpful staff even closed off some parts so we could work in peace. The interior is so authentic that the waiters are wearing bowties while serving vintage drinks form vintage bottles we can only know about by someone telling us. The girls were shining in such an environment and that's exactly what we were going for.

Then we headed to Corvintető where we shot our remaining photos on their look-out spot with Budapest's rofftops in the background.

Apart from the rooftop, there were loads of other opportunities for us to show you the authentic Hungarian nightlife, like the women's bathroom.

You must have been waiting at least once, tired of dancing, or trying to figure out relationship drama while fixing your makeup.

The sexy, night-demons are portrayed by Bori Péterfy and Sena who didn't even had to try hard to play the part while posing for the camera. The singers were amazing to work with , especially for our photographer who didn't even have to direct them, just take the photos.

Meanwhile Anna had also been phptographed and these shots were supposed to be behind the scenes footages but they turned out to be so good that they actually became part of the finished editorial.

Flashing lights on the dancefloor make you feel like a rockstar for a night Anna Pásztor, however, is undoubdtedly one forever!

The sun was setting by then and we had so many footages that coud take up a whole movie so the time had come to say goodbye. After exiting the spotlight the girls run beck to their young children being energetic fresh mums enjoying the fast pace of their everyday lives.

This strength and determination are what makes us admire them and it had been an honor to work with them.


For an exclusive behind the scenes video click here:

Photographer: Daniel Nemeslaki, Assistant Photographer: Adam Markus, Models: Anna Pásztor, Bori Péterfy and Sena Dagadu, Styling: Mark Kiss, Assistant Stylist: Dalma Szőcs, Hairstylist: Zsanett Fábián, Make Up Artist: Eszter Magyar, Werk: Jácint Jónás, Locations: Ibolya Presso, Corvinteto