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Christmas Kindness

Do you have any idea how many ways are there to make Christmas Eve even more special?

Here is our mini-photo series as an ispiration, to show you how we celebrate after the christmas shopping is done.

You can have an unforgettable holiday season, all you need is a little creativity! Nothing can bother your cozy Christmas,

just be happy, be merry and loving so you can share the real Christmas feeling with everyone around you!

Make sure only good things happen to others. Live your dreams, or be the gift yourself, after all, the real present is being together.

Have you ever heard, that it is not the size of the gift, nor the added glitter that counts, but that it is personally chosen only for that particular person? That is the biggest truth! Take your time to think of the best gifts for the ones you love!

If you want to do the shopping in a relaxed, fun environment, then visit us even on 24 December, untill 3pm in our store in Dohány street.

There will be no pressure here, we guarantee!

The more people, the more ideas of the perfect Christmas. Either you prefer big family celebrations, spending the evening only with your loved one, or coming together with your friends we all desire for a peaceful and cozy holiday filled with kindness, gifts and candy canes.

Thank you for loving us, that is the best gift we could get, and our wish for you is to always stay that open and dedicated!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas, may you make the best memories this season!