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Winter shopping SALE is on!

Some say that January is the Monday of the year. Christmas is gone, along with the food from the fridge, and our perfect New Year’s outfit is hanging in the closet, waiting for its next big appearance.
With such happy days behind us, and countless workdays ahead, it is difficult to stay positive, however, do not forget that life is just as dull as you let it be so!

There is no better place for showing 2015 you than the skating rink! Let’s go to the ice disco, shake up the boring winter days with a unique outfit or even just a few accessories! For that, you can find everything at any of our stores!

New year, new you? It’s up to you! One thing is certain: strart the year full of colors, and your days won’t be gray anymore!

Don’t let the weather control you! We have tons of fun, elegant, trendy, but above all, warm winter hats! Guys, dare to rock a wild piece too!

There is still plenty to be happy about! Your vintage treasures have lived to see another year, and you can get more used and new pieces at a great price, thanks to the sales!

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