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Christmas gift guide for not ordinary people

We've been surrounded by the Christmas spirit for weeks now, many places have been decorated with lights and Christmas trees since November. It is easy to get caught up in our everyday lives, thinking we have plenty of time to do the Christmas shopping, even tough the Holidays are just around the corner!

Now, with less than two weeks until Christmas we aim to help those who just realized that, with an inspiring gift guide containing our most popular and most unique pieces. You still have time to get them at any of our stores, even on Sundays!

We know how colorful you are, our stock is created accordingly. You already know, that you can count on us, if you are looking for clothes that truly reflect your personality and now, we will show you that it is just as easy to find personalized gifts for your loved ones even if they are coffee-maniac bookworms, mulled wine lover brave spirits or the fun ones, who never want to grow up.

Expresso yourself!

Calm nature-lovers will like earth tones! Perfect choice for those who only need a coffee and a good book to survive the harsh winter, while still caring about originality and extraordinary clothes! Choose something that reflects their rich imagination without raising too much unwanted attention!

Mulled wine fanatics

We all know someone who thinks even of Christmas as a party. They are always burning, and love being in the center of attention. Picking out gifts for them might just be the hardest task, since they are not interested in the ordinary, they constantly seek the new and exciting. Choose a bright color or an unusual design for them this Christmas!

Meringue kisses

We didn't forget those either, who never take life too seriously! They love fun details, prints and unique shapes. A happy patterned piece will serve as the perfect present for them, just keep it unusual!

Sweet poppyseed

Black and white combinations are golden! There is no wardrobe they do not fit in! Perfect gifts, if you want to make sure that you are giving your loved one a new favorite!

Visit any of our stores or our online store ( where you can find all the items shown above and many more! If you cannot pick the perfect gift at first, or you have size issues you can exchange the item(s) until 5 January in all of our stores.

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