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Cheers to the New Year!

Another year has gone by. It's time to stop, and start reminiscing over our successes, failures and resolutions with teary eyes over the Christams leftovers.
Before that however, there is one more chance to gather around our loved ones and celebrate stepping into the new year together, tipsy and most of all, with the highest of hopes.

That is a very important step, so it doesn't matter what kind of shoes you are taking it in!

Speaking of shoes, let's not forget about the clothes either! We are here to help you show 2016 what to expect!

What you are wearing on New Year's Eve is just as important as who you are celebrating it with! Take a loved vintage piece from the past to the future with you, or go ahead everyone else and wear next year's trends.

You can find all the above at Szputnyik shop, either you are spending New Year's quietly with your closest friends, either you are attending a huge party!

This is not an ordinary night, dress accordingly!

Classic pieces are a perfect choice this time as well, do not forget to accessorize though. Funny accessories are not only off the 'do not-list', but they are almost a must at New Year's since that is the time of the year when it's the most important to remind ourselves and others not to take anything too seriously!

Wear the craziest pieces you own, what could be a better time to do so than the night when you can let go the most? There is no such a thing as too many sequins or too high heels on New Year' Eve!

Dare to wear brave outfits boys, don't let girls steal the spotlight. Start off the new year as equals!

Matching outfits is still the best party trick! Show off the strength of your unity through your clothing and tighten the strings in the new year!

Wherever 2016 may find you, you will never be alone if you dress according to your personality, since you will always attract similar spirits through your looks!

Cheers to originality, freedom and unique clothes!

Until then, enjoy what's left of the Christmas spirit and enjoy the preparations for the last party of the year!

Special thanks for the location to Blue Bird Cafe: