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4 super vintage clothes shops in Budapest, where you can buy retro stuff online -

In March, you could meet us on, where we visited the vintage shops in Budapest with webshops. Thanks for the recommendation!

"Vintage clothes shop in Budapest: Szputnyik Shop
Szputnyik shop. This little shop on Dohány Street is one of my personal favourite places in Budapest, I'm sure to stop by here every season or so, although I only go to the malls when I need to, it's so filling to browse here. It's got all the earthly good stuff, a little bit unique, a little bit modern, and lots of vintage stuff. Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery, retro watches and of course masks! It's really worth a look if you're looking for a treasure, there's a women's collection and a men's collection. When you shop here, you'll not only get great stuff, but in many cases you'll also be supporting small local businesses and sustainable fashion. And you can order online too, check it out HERE!"

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