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2018 the year of the Dog

Chinese new year begins on February 16. 2018 is going to be the year of the Dog what is celebrated with many carnivals and festivities all over China and East-Asia. Our furry friends are very close to our hearts and it reflects on our items as well. Celebrate dogs with us and wear some puppy themes Szputnyik items!

Small bag: € 10
Purse: € 14 

Dog is probably the most inspiring animal sign from all 11 of them, who does not fall in love with doggos?

2018 is predicted to be lucky for many signs, however, it is important to keep in mind: dogs don't escape conflicts, but face them.

Doggy top: € 17

It's important to mention that a lot of animal protection organizations are warning us whilewe still buy puppies from the breeders, millions of dogs with loving herats are stranded in animal shelters and are seeking some love and care. Change the world, support the responsible animal keeping and adopt!

For our loyal little friends and celebrating the chinese new year, we've picked you few products to lead on your 2018 and bring you luck!

T-shirt with prints: €  17
Little bag: €5

Attract your good luck in 2018!

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