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The best second-hand clothing stores in Budapest: places to find unique and stylish items -

Femina: Used clothes are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and more unique, you can find real treasures in the best stores in the capital. More and more people shop in second-hand clothing stores at home. In the background of this phenomenon, in addition to material and environmental protection considerations, there is also the excitement of treasure hunting, since finding a piece that really suits our style and body shape in the thrift store is a much greater achievement than in a fast fashion store.

Szputnyik shop

It is located in Dohány Street Sputnik shop it is a must-see for the fashion-loving citizens of the capital. They sell both vintage and new things and encourage you to vary them according to your individuality. They are particularly strong on the accessory front, and their heart is sustainability, so they provide space for domestic designers and ethical global brands as well.

Press -

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