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The best sweaters for AW season!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

The Szputnyik shops' biggest treasure is its vintage collection where the past and the present meets to create timeless, high-quality pieces. They go against the wasting attitudes and try to create a liveable and sustainable world.

Let's be the part of the circulation and get your favourite in the name of sustanability and fashion!

The collection is full of rich patterned and colored pieces. From the animal prints, through the geometric stlye until the abstract motifs you can find everything.

Their materials are very varied, you can find woolen, mohermix and cotton sweaters too. Their uniqueness hide in the sweaters' styles and decorations. If you don't want a basic one, but something refreshening and unique then you cannot miss this opportunity!

For more vintage sweaters visit us in Szputnyik shops and check our webshop!

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