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The Year of the Tiger - What does it mean for us?

The Chinese New Year started on 1 February 2022, which will be the Year of the Tiger according to Chinese zodiac signs. The 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar cycle is represented by 12 different animals - the Chinese zodiac signs. The different elements also play a very important role in Chinese astrology, and while 2010 was the Year of the Metal Tiger, 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger.

Dust off your pink tiger-striped coat - it's time to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

According to the Chinese horoscope, this sign represents strength, courage and the banishing the evil. Well, we can only hope that this is indeed the case, because who doesn't need a little strength after the trials and tribulations of the past few years?

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Here's a quick guide to the most common Lunar New Year traditions and superstitions, plus Hong Kong's best-known insights into what the Year of the Tiger has in store for us:

First tip from the Lunar New Year rulebook: focus on the positive and use only upbeat words.
On the seventh day, February 7, the Chinese mother goddess Nuwa created humans, which is why it is known as the birthday of people.

In countries where the lunar new year is celebrated, there are often three to seven days of public celebrations, but the biggest celebrations do not end until the 15th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival. Nowadays, many cities around the world follow this tradition, putting up huge lanterns and holding fairs on this day.

If you want to follow the Chinese tradition: wear lots of red clothes! This colour is associated with luck and prosperity. Alternatively, choose tiger print garments and light blue shades in the water sign. One of this year's colours is going to be royal blue!

Because Tigers moving fast, we need to be prepared for big, quick changes. Astrologers say it's going to be an exciting year, with the wildest dreams becoming reality in our personal and professional lives, and 2022 could be a busy year politically and socially. This is especially true for the Tigers themselves: some will have a bad year, some will find it pays to take big risks in accordance with their sign. And what does it mean that water will be the dominant element? Water is an extremely powerful force of nature, even more powerful than fire - because it can bypass any obstacle that comes its way. Water is associated with emotions, with creativity. Many people will be able to tap into this if they take the risk. All signs should expect emotional extremes in 2022.

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Style and the Year of the Tiger

After a year of decidedly not-so-bright animals - the pig, the rat and last year the ox - the rotating zodiac has finally landed on a more familiar animal. Big cat motifs have been popular with fashion designers for a long time now, and brands seem very much at home with the theme this year.

Moschino's Tony the Tiger capsule collection

The big brands are also keen to respond to the Year of the Tiger, and are coming up with full tiger collections. The Gucci, for example, used living tigers for its photo shoots. Italian brand Marni has printed charmingly childlike tiger scribbles on sweaters and bags, and Moschino, as always, has turned to pop culture, this time bringing "everyone's favourite childhood breakfast icon" Tony the tiger to the world of Italian luxury.

Prada and Gucci's Year of the Tiger campaign

But others have taken a more subtle approach. For example, Salvatore Ferragamo asked two Beijing artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, to create a striking bag inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. Meanwhile, showing how far Prada has come from its 2010 essential accessories, it is running a low-key campaign to raise awareness of the plight of wild tigers and pledges to donate money to support the Chinese Green Foundation's conservation initiatives.

Salvatore Ferragamo and Sun Yuan-t and Peng Yu work of art

Admired for its courage and strength, the tiger is considered one of China's most favourite animals. In ancient times, it was often associated with power and money. In Chinese art, design and even in historical clothing, 'tiger-headed' shoes with toes reminiscent of a tiger were a common motif. They were widely worn by children to ward off evil spirits and protect them from illness and bad luck.

So this year's festive gifts are likely to live longer in your wardrobe than the latest trends. And not only will be in fashion in the Year of the Tiger, but they will be a loyal companion for many years to come. The tiger may not be able to change its stripes, but fashion might!

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