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Wear the art!

The arts have always played a very important role for us. Perhaps one of our favorite collections is our "Art" collection featuring various paintings and artists. If you are also a big fan of painting, stay with us and read our blog post!

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) was a Dutch painter, representative of geometric abstraction , and an important member of the De Stijl group of artists founded by Theo van Doesburg . He started out in the spirit of post-impressionism , then became acquainted with cubism , and was then preoccupied with the abstraction of the plastic sign of the material world. His characteristic, instantly recognizable works are in the collections of many major museums. Later, pop culture also liked to use him as an inspiration. Just like us.

Artsy accessories

Here you will find a lot of accessories on the topic of art, including painting. It's like 19-20. century artists appear on our socks, such as Van Gogh , Frida Kahlo , Dalí , Picasso , Lautrec . Show us which is your favorite painting style!

If you just want something small to show that you are an art lover, we recommend our badges. You will find adaptations of famous paintings such as Mona Lisa , Sunflowers , The Dream . Or you can choose from funny, cute cat remakes, such as: Scream with a kitten , Girl with pearl earrings and a cat , or Goose with pearl earrings . We love them!

Not to forget the sculpture, you can also choose from the funny details of the most iconic work, Michelangelo's David .

If we have awakened your desire for art, come to our Dohány utca store or browse the webshop and be inspired by the Szputnyik Art Gallery !