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Velvet Underground- A Very Szputnyik New Year!

The year is nearly over, and the Holiday season is here, meaning that our favorite event, the most extravagant night of the year, New Year's Eve is coming up. The night of boundless textures, patterns, prints and glitter is nearly here!

We have shot our New Year's editorial in this spirit, too with the essential sequins, faux fur and leather that allow you to have a wild, but stylish look during the last night of the year. 

Our editorial was shot in the legendary Klub Vittula, and it's here to show you that the bare walls of a classic ruin pub and soft velvet are a perfect match during the night. 

This unique material can be worn in so many ways, that it's an amazing chioce for all occasions, either you're going to an underground or an elegant party. Everyone will love your looks!

Szputnyik is here to show you how to  make your New Years more special with a wellchosen outfit!

The emphasis is not only on shiny, metallic materials, sequins and glitter but the right accessories can put you into the spotlight too. There's no such a thing as too shiny or too much!

Your outfit is on point, but your coat covers it all up? Don't let the cold stela your shine! Choose a faux fur coat, a leather jacket, or a unique, printed bomber to put the cherry on top of your otfit.

A pair of cool Martens boots, or a pair of unusual heels with fun socks and leggings can be extremely chic while protecting you from the cold. Don't let the cold stop you from enjoying the vibes of the last night of the year!

Berets, hats and baseball caps can be perfect accessories, especially if they're colorfiul and unique!

Winter doesn't mean you cannot wear colors, it's actually the other way round! Break the greyness and wear something bright during this colorful night!

Don't forget about your vintage treasures at this time of the year either, they stand for the past on this special night, and combine the past, present and the future when they accompany us from one year to another, resulting in timeless elegance, chic and a cool and positive vibe.

In our Velvet Underground world, you'll find the perfect New Year's Outfit! Visit our stores, shop onile and find the perfect treasures for you!

Szputnyik's team is wishing you a happy new year, and we'll be here for everyone in 2018 as well, with the best pieces of the past and the present!
Untill then, visit us during the Holidays in the following times: