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One of this year's favorite colors - Mallow

One of the favorite colors of 2023 is mallow. And as spring approaches, it will become more and more relevant to wear the different shades of the mallow flower. Check out our selection, in which you can see the different shades of this wonderful spring color represented on different pieces.

Mauve colors

Let's start by summarizing what characterizes the color mallow:
* found in the purple or purple-pink color range
* unsaturated
* cold
* medium light

The color looks great on, for example, vintage shirts and blouses .

Mauve blouses

Which you can see here.

Mauve colors

But you can also choose a jacket in this color. In such cases, however, it is worth making sure that if you belong to a warm color type, you should also choose warmer shades, since color is very important in the case of a jacket.

Mauve color

Mauve tops - 2023 color

But of course, this choice can also be perfect for trousers.

Due to its color properties, mallow belongs to the cold, light and unsaturated colors and as such, it is located on the palette of the summer color type. It will also be suitable for the mild summer.

Mallow color scheme - trousers

Mallow pants

We now present the perfect combination in a set so that you don't have to think about it anymore.

Different shades of mauve

The mauve color can also be a great addition to accessories, so choose it with confidence.

Mallow accessories

Mallow accessories

Don't forget that the 20% sale is still on, so it's worth buying your long-selected favorites now. You can do this until February 28!!!

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