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The 5 Favourite Vintage Pieces - You'll love them!

Vintage products are always unique and cool. But some stand out even from these, and there’s something a little extra about them that makes them everyone’s favorites. We will now show you some of these pieces, which are popular products of the Szputnyik Shop, appear in our shop from time to time and you will love them too. These are all unique and unrepeatable pieces of their kind. Usually we also have a hard time finding such a special ones. So check them too, or come into the store and pick your favorites!

It’s also a great experience for us to look at a branded, original piece or just look for some super exciting clothes. At this point, we can already imagine what sets we could make, what the story of that piece might have been, and who might have worn it before. Even if we don’t get an accurate answer to these, we can still figure out one or two exciting things through the brand and the release.

Check out what we've put together for you this week!

Vintage Sping Jacket (Tommy Hilfiger)

You can find a real vintage piece in this 90s jacket that is in perfect condition, protects you from wind and rain, and not incidentally a really precious piece of Tommy Hilfiger. It is from the golden age of the brand, when the logo was not in its current form, yet. Then the letter ‘H’ was still the central element, but the usual blue-white-red colors already appeared here. The brand was launched in 1985, when the design was inspired by pop culture and classic American heritage. This style has been carried over the years, which has now become a cult piece recognizable to anyone, with everyone easily associating it with the brand, even based on color. You can wear this legacy if you choose this jacket, and you don't even have to worry about sustainability, as the brand already considers it as an important topic and they follow the "don't waste anything" rule. On the other hand, used clothing has much smaller ecological footprint than any new product. So such a piece can be only a good choice!

Vintage Patterned Shirt

Colourful shirts and blouses are always big favourites in the shop. Lots of people choose these vintage, often patterned, colourful pieces. But there's always that one item that catches everyone's eye and you just want to see it on yourself. That's the case with this shirt. We've seen it a lot. And now it's looking for its final owner, who will be as likely to be seen on the street as the shirt itself. The shirt is a bit thicker, very soft, and could actually be a substitute for a sweater on a warm spring afternoon. But you can also wear it on its own with jeans, or throw on a colour-matching jacket if the weather doesn't allow you to walk around town in a shirt.

Vintage Vans Shoes

Spring and good weather will be here soon. This brings us back to colours and light, linen garments. It's also the time for Vans shoes to hit the streets again. This Old Skool piece will brighten up your mood and bring light to even the gloomiest spring days. The brand dates all the way back to 1966, when two brothers, Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren, founded the product. This Old Skool style debuted in 1977. It was Vans' first skateboarding shoe to feature leather panels to make it even more durable. The side line, which Paul Van Doren first started using as a random scribble on the shoe and was originally called a "jazz stripe", has now become an unmistakable trademark of the Vans brand. Come and take your pick of our half-shoes. You'll find lots of unique Vans. But remember, there's only 1 of each style and colour, so hurry up if you don't want to miss out your favourite.

Vintage Levi’s Jacket (70500 04)

Levi's wants to tell the story of a meaningful life, and encourages you to make fun most of the time. With each wear and tear, they only get better. So go out into the world and make them your own. Now it's your turn to write the next chapter in the life of a dress. Because clothes aren't just made for one person. They take on a new life over and over again on someone else, especially when they're as good quality as Levi Strauss denims. For us, jeans jackets are our favourites right now as we approach spring. They're super combinable with a lot of other clothes, and even look great with a pair of Levi's jeans. They're long-lasting pieces that you don't have to worry about going out of style, or that the stitching or fabric won't hold up, because they're in really good quality. And while you can get one for up to 30-40 thousand forints when new, you can get one second-hand for much less than that, and the quality doesn't even worse!

Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt

Harley Davidson T-shirts are as American as it could. It's got everything you need for a road bike ride - adventure, power, adrenaline, speed. There's a whole clothing trend built around this motorcycling culture, and you can be a part of it too if you choose these t-shirts. There's a whole trend built up around vintage Harley t-shirts, where people form a network to swap relic motorcycle t-shirts. Be part of it and wear your favourite Harley Davidson t-shirt!

Come and visit Szputnyik and choose from the best vintage products. Because being different is great!