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Best of Szputnyik shop - Top 10 blog posts

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The official blog of Szputnyik shop was launched in 2011. Ever since then you get to see into the everyday lives of our stores, our events, reviews, pictures from behind the scenes, photoshoots and that is where we first post our editorials as well. All the milestones of our past 7 years are on that blog in form of a post. 

As part of our birthday celebrations we've collected our top 10 most readed blog posts. 

You can read the whol epost by clicking on the titles! 

10. Festival Time! (August, 2014)

It's well known that our favorite time of the year is the festival season. We're especially trying to inpire you to dress more daringly during that period. Our 2014 festival guide was styled by Bence Csalár and shot by Éva Szombat. 

9. Be the vision! (August, 2016)

Our latest editorial shot by Éva Szombat with the help of Márk Kiss has become your favorite due to its inspiring message and extraordinary visual elements. It was only published 3 months ago, and it's already our 9th most read blog post. 

8. KULTfashion - Joint t-shirt graphic design competition by Trafó and Szputnyik shop (April, 2014)

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts and Szputnyik shop announced a joint t-shirt graphic design competition at the end of 2014, which anyone could enter who's enthusiastic and who feel the ideologies of the two hosts. We had recieved more than 500 applications and the project became Szputnyi shop's most successfull collaboration so far. 

7. Show me the AUTUMN COLLECTION! (September, 2015)

Before opening our online store our blog served as a virtual window through which you got to see our collection from home. We didn't want to stop with these photoshoots when we've launched the webshop, since we would still like to help and inspire you by showing some ways in which you can wear our products. Apparently that was not a bad decision, since in the fall of 2015 more of you were curious about our autumn suggestions on our blog than ever before.

6. Wear the Freedom! (May, 2016)

As you know we are all for conscious dressing. Our blog is an excellent way for us to encourage you to learn about the things you wear by collecting the most important and interesting information on the brands we sell, along with the messages they have. In that article we posted in May, 2016 we have taught you about VANS shoes and in return you have put this piece on the 6. place on our top 10 list. 

5. Introducing: Szputnyik shop K22 (April, 2015)

One of the many reasons we like to blog for Szoutnyik shop i that it's extremely hearthwarming to see that you are just as excited about our major events than we are. Szputnyik's team and our costumers were waiting for our Király street store to open together in 2015, as we could see form the many readers of the blog post above. 

4. Sustainability, classical design and modern style - Fjällräven Kånken backpacks at Szputnyik shop (June, 2016)

It's very important to us that you get to access those brands that we share the same values with. That is why we have decided over the summer of 2016, that the products of the famous Swedish brand will be available at Szputnyik shop, and seeing your enthusiasm, we don't regret it! 

3. Szputnyik shop Pop-up store opens in Budapest! (June, 2016)

Our latest big project was a Pop-up store that was located all summer long on the bank of the Danube in 2016 at Március 25. tér. Although summer had passed gone and so are the opening days of Szputnyik Pop-up, you can read all about it in that post as thousands of you have done so already. 

2. New Szputnyik empire opened in the heart of the city (April, 2014)

Our store on Dohány street moved to its current 300 squaremeters location in 2014. It's the headquarters of Szputnyik even today, and fortunately you also like it, just as much as we do, and it can be seen from the times you have clicked on the blog post about its opening. 

1. Budapest Design Week 2011 - Retrospective fashion show (September, 2011)

One of our first projects was our vintage fashion show during the 2011 Design Week. It meant a lot to us that so many of you were interested in it, and that you keep reading our blog post about it, for 5 years now, making it the most popular of all times. 

We are always trying to outdo our past selves and your expectations. Thank you for shopping at us for tha past seven years and thank you for following us! 

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