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Best of Szputnyik shop - Top 10 posts

Social media is a great opportunity for those who would like to reach great masses around the world. Since Szputnyik shop is not only a clothing store but also an attitude, it's crucially important to us to get our message through. In order to do so we have a website, a blog and we are even on Facebook since 2011, an on Instagram since 2013. 

We are grateful for the more than 29 K Facebook likes and 10.4 K Instagram follows!

You could see our top ten blog posts a while ago, and to continue our Birthday retrospective here are the top 10 most liked Facebook posts and Instagram photos of the past years.

If you would like to learn more about each photo, just click on them!

Facebook Top 10: 

10. "Coony" - 09.01.2016

Our classic printed tanktops have been in the top three of our bestsellers for years, so in 2016 we decided that we'll introduce a new design that you were fortunately wery enthusiastic about. In fact, you were so happy that this photo became the 10th on our top 10 list in just a few months.

9. "Johhny with a thousand faces!" - 06.27.2016

I believe it is safa to say that Johhny Depp is forever. Has a thousand faces on the bog screen and available in a thousand colors at Szputnyik shop.

8. Fashion Planet album - since 06.08.2011

The 8th on our list is the album called Fashion Planet. We keep uploading those editorials here that feature Szputnyik items. 

Click on the photo to see the whole album!

7. "Soon..." - 02.12.2016

Our holo and metallic gymbags were the hype of this spring. We've introduced them through this picture taken at the original designer. 

6. "#cutenessoverload" - 07.16.2016

These long animal printed shirts most beloved newcommers this summer. They didn't only get a ton of likes, but were also sold out really quickly.

5. "We are open!! :))))))))))))" - 04.14.2016

Or wide grin nearly went through your screens, and the likes we recieved on the photo of the opening of our new Dohány street location nearly went through the roof.

4. "mood" - 08.07.2016

Romantic summer vintage. That is how we felt on that day along with nearly 400 of you.

3. "turquoise-ish" - 08.07.2014

Our unique printed tanktops have been one of our most popular items ever since we've opened, and they are not only popular in the stores but also get a lot of likes online. That was the case during the summer of 2014 too, when we've introduced the colorful collection that is still available as well as the classic white design.

2. "Girls...Girls... :)" - 09.11.2013

I don't think it needs any further explanation why this has been our second most popular Facebook post for three years ...

1. "Support the Hungarian fauna by purchasing a beautiful pin from the Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society! " 08.02.2016

Our most liked upload by far is the one with which we've announced that you can help Hungarian nature at our stores by buying a pin. It's great to see how helpful our costumers are! Not long ago we've recieved the newest colection of these pins, hurry up, they sell out quickly!

Instagram Top 10:

10. "Dino love"- 09.22.2016: 

A gif with disco dinos at number 10. You can find our diverse and unique patches at our stores and online, and you can se these dinos move if you click on the photo above. 

9. "Cute notebook collection for catlovers" - 09.06.2015

Our cat-crazy costumers are also present in the online world. Our kitten printed notebooks are the 9th on our list of top 10 Instagram photos. Hundreds of our notebooks can be found online and at our stores

8. "cartoon classic croptops" - 08.25.2015

Classic design, classic prints from our childhoods. The fastest sell-outs of the summer of 2015 at the 8th place on our top 10 list. 

7. "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not " - 10.13.2016 

Unique band products are one of our trademarks so to say, since you cannot really find them anywhere else in the country. This fall this Artic Monkeys gymbag was your top pick. 

6. "#supercool" - 08.25.2015

We always try to encourage you to share your everyday Szputnyik looks with us. Benedek Polgár did so, and we liked his photo so much that we've reposted it on our official feed so you could get him into our top 10 most liked uploads. Don't forget to tag us in the future either! 

5. ,,Bucket bags on the bucket list" - 07.13.2016 

These lovely linen backpack are the fifth on our list of Instagram favorites. Popular pieces of summer 2016, and we have a few of them left in stock at our stores and online.

4. "Stylish at Sziget as well!" - 08.15.2016

You inspire us as much as we aim to inspire you! Thanks to social media you also get to inspire eachother through us. In 2015 we named this squad the most stylish at Sziget Festival, and thanks to you, now they're forth on our list of top 10 Insta uploads. 

3. " The new spring-summer arrivals are in store!" - 04.10.2016

We shared this photo upon announcing that we are fully prepared fpr the upcoming seasons and the outdoor parties that come with them. You obviously need the perfect bag for those, so hands up if any of these was your companion past summer!

2. "Brand new cuties" - 10.26.2016

Nothing is better than seeing that you are just as excited about our new finds as we are. Ten more points to social media for letting us see what you need! ... like pins in October 2016.

1. "Cats are awesome" - 09.26.2016

Our kitten purses were gone just as fast as they'd appeared. Not only our Instagram page was seiged after we shared the with you but also our stores.


Keep following us to stay up to date about Szputnyik shop, and to be able to see our newest arrivals before anyone else! 

Thank you for being and staying with us!

Prepare your likes for the many more treasures that are coming soon...