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Vintage blouses for all occassions!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

Vintage blúzok minden alkalomhoz!

The winter cannot stop you if you want to dress diversely and the spring is in the gate of the year and with the warm weather you have many new opportunities to vary you outfits and show them to the world.

Be the ambassador  of any styles, these special vintage blouses cannot be missed from your wardrobes!

The collection counts few hundred pieces that are the real jewels and color spots of the stores. You cannot find two similar blouses in the selection because they are hand-selected items and available only in one piece.

Their uniqueness is in the details: the textures, the patterns or the embroideries make them special. You can find many pieces in the collection with decorated collars or chest. Perfect choices to any occasions.

Search for you favorite and cheep up the boring weekdays with vintage treasures! For more check our shops or our webshop!

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