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Dívá - Temporary exhibition in the name of timelessness with studded Loubutins


On the second day of Design Week 2012 Timeles photo exhibition opened in Fogasház that still slightly smells of paint. Zsófia Heisler and Marcell Kurlik exhibited their photo-pairs that show timeless vintage clothing.

 Dívány fotókiállytás

Since Szputnyik shop helped to bring the exhibition to life it's not surprising that at the same time, a pop-up store opened in the same venue.

Dívány szegecses Louboutin

We had to stop right at the entrance to examine a pair of studded Christian Louboutins right next to a pair of Yves Saint-Lauren pumps, but the houndstooth printed Escada jacket also cought our attention. That's not all! You could find everything there starting from uniforms through leather jackets...

Dívány Escada

Article: Dívá