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Experience the last summer adventures with our backpacks!

The summer hasn't ended yet! You have many opporunities to use the last few days to go to festivals, make trips or just travel around the world. Move out and gain more experiences with our new collection backpacks! Moreover you can also prepare to school with us!

There is no better feeling than fill your bag with your stuffs perfectly and able to keep everything in order and in safe. Well, these backpacks are totally the right choice for it!
Exciting design, groundbreaking textiles, durable materials and practical structures are waiting for the lovers of adventures to be prepared all the time.

Are you bored because your partner is using your backpack to his stuffs all the time? Bring him to Szputnyik, and choose the proper bag to him from almost 40 different designs. Find your favourites together!

September is the month of the school's begining so take care to get the perfect bag for it: the one that is stylish enough, yet can contains all your books and laptop. Search for the real to make every schoolday enjoyable with the lovely backpacks!

We don't even go to anywhere without a bag so it really matters what you carry with yourself: get the backpack that fits perfectly to your personality and be the amazing partner of your weeks!

Visit us in our Szputnyik shops for the bags or check our webshop!