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Seize the best days of summer with our new watches!

Éld meg a nyár legszebb pillanatait letisztult óráinkkal!

Now we can surely live with the new summertime where the days are getting longer and the nights shorter.

Don't let the time confuse you, so make sure with the newest pieces of the collection that you are in the right time!

You can find many colors and styles in the collection to find the perfect choice to your accessories.

The minimalism appears in the faux-leather and metal laces.


They are available in many shades .

Thanks to their unisex style everybody can find the perfect one.

Minimalist, creative clockfaces are seducing everybody and thanks to the unique details you can get very special and limited watches.

Break through the traditional borders and fresh up your outfit with a watch that is elegant but sporty at the same time.

Search for more unique watches in Szputnyik shops and on webshop!