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ELTE Online: Timlessness as Szputnyik shop sees it

Szputnyik shop invites all fans of fashion and photography to an extraordinary  journey in the neame of slow fashion. 

The temporary exhibition will portray the timeless beauty of vintage clothes and their value lying in originality and quality through Zsófia Heisler's and Marcell Kurlik's photography. The location of the exhibition is Fogasház as a cultural receptor. 

This exhibition is much more than the documentation of a photoshoot, since the point is reflecting the vintage atmosphere and feeling. As Ingrid Szekeres, head of Szputnyik shop has put it: "Collecting clothes is much more than just a pastime for us. It's a way to preserve and appreciate history, culture and fashion. We have been planning to put on an exhibition celebrating the beauty of vintage style."

The concept is full by Zsófia Heisler's analogue photographs take take us back to Lauren Baval's glamorous world in the 1930's and 1920's. Marcel Kurlik meanwhile reflects to that fake past by using digital technology by inserting the model into a present setting. " I got the idea that my photograps from the past should have a reaction from another young, aspiring photographer from the present. That's how we invited Marcell Kurlik. Márk Kiss stylist and the two hair stylists Zsanett Fábián and Dávid Ehrlich were invited by Szputnyik shop, the make-up artists Doris Szabó and Laura Tégely and the models are all my friends, acquaintances who found the idea of the shoot exciting." - told us Zsófia about the team.

The connection between the photos are the clothes and accessories brought to life. The reflection of those in the light of the different eras portrayed shows us that vintage style really is timeless. 

My inspiration came from the love between Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart and the era they lived in. I wanted to choose a strong female character who had been both succesful in her job and as a mother and wife. - said the artist about the origins of the concept. The othoer artist, Marcell who reflected on Zsófia's photographs told us: " I wanted to portray how vintage clothes can survive and live in modern times as the models step out of the fake past and enter today's reality. Szputnyik preserves value by saving the clothes from the past for the 21. century, that is what I wanted to show."

The project is part of the official program of Design Week 2012. The connection between Design Week's and Szputnyik shop's ideologies are explained by Ingrid Szekeres: "This year's Design Week is dedicated to economical and cultural sustainability with the slow movements in focus that promise better and more quality life in return for more reasonable consumption. Its variations are connected just like slow fashion, that also means more permanent vintage clothing made from quality material through reliable technology the connection was given."

Alongside the exhibition a Szputnyik Pop-Up store will also be open for both vintage lovers and laymen.

The exhibition will be opened by Péter Szűcs, lead partner of MarieClaire Hungary and editor-in-chief of Fashion Issue
Opening: Saturday, 29. September, 2012 7 pm
Open: 29. September - 17. October

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Article: Zsófi, ELTE Online