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February's Top 5 favourites on webshop

February was the month of love. It began with Valentine's day, with romantic snowy days and it continued with massive colds. But spring is coming to overlay the days with flowers and sunshine.

This transitional time is represented by your choices this month on our webshop: winter's lovely atmosphere and romantic vibes of spring's rebirth.

The hibernal motives are appearing but everybody is waiting for the moment when you can already wear your rolling skirt or you discret sleevless dress in the 50s style to shine like an american actress.

1. The month of romantic

Skirt with buttons- 27 euro

One of the most interested choice was this lovely, romantic, red skirt with buttons to summon the French l'amour. The belt is made of its own material and the stylish A-line is about the classic design. 

You can find it here.
You can find the skirt collection here.

2. Wear the World!

Backpack- 60 euro

This stylish and practical backpack was in the top five too in Feburary. Thanks to the few pockets on the bag you can keep your stuffes organized and put almost everything into the big pocket. Perfect choice to school, to work or even to hiking. The amazing fusion of comfort and practicality.

You can find it here.
You can find the bag collection here.

3. Dress up to your personality!

Tank top- 17 euro

Classic cutting that fits to everyone but the essence is about the huge amount of prints. You can find them with many many different prints in our stores or on webshop too. The animal lovers and the unique graphic lovers surely gonna find some interesting pieces to the personality.

You can find it here.
You can find the collection here.

4. Cheer up you appearance!

Patch- 4 euro

There is no enough patches! Vary, match, organized or scattered on your clothes. It can be your favourite food, music band, animal or even your lifestyle, it surely cheers up your appearence and the simpliest clothes too. You can find many types of patches in out stores or on webshop too!

You can find it here.
You can find the collection here.

5. Neverending vintage experience

Vintage dress- 25 euro

Year after year you really like the vintage robes here, even in February. They represent the values of past and the dresses are redesigned to the present's style. This is how we support the sustainability of fashion and nature protection. Classic style to the classic appearence.

You can find it here.
You can find the collection here.

Regarding to the winter cold stay home in the warm flat and use the opportunities of our webshop!

Visit page and order your favourites! Don't forget above 64 euro we offer you free domestic shipping!