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Essential pieces to Sziget Festival!

Fashion Style Tips Sziget Festival Spring/Summer New Arrivals

You have to think about everything in a festival: to the style, to the comfort and to the parcticality. Prepare to that week circumspective but in a stylish way and live every moment of Sziget Festival!

The Sziget Festival is the perfect place to show the world your unique style and the best pieces of your wardrobe with the clothes you are not really wearing on the weekdays. Get the craziest, most unique and groundbreaking stuffs!

If you really want to enjoy the concerts you have to get the perfect bag with yourself where you don't affraid of loosing your values, but lets your hands be free to jump to the music like a crazy. The solutions are our special, fake leather gymbags that easy to clean and have an extremely awsome design.

You cannot skip the bumbags that are conquering the runways from year to year.

If we are talking about extravagance then you have to get your own cat-eye sunglasses that conquer the fashion industry. The more thinner the better! Get them in many many colors and be the most stylish person at Sziget!

You should not forget about the coolest sneakers you can jump in during the concerts. Get your own favorite vintage Vans or Converse shoes that lead you on the best adventures in the summer!

A vintage jacket or the awsome Herschel Co. raincoat is one of the most necessary item you have to take with yourself to a festival because you can never know when the rain catches you.

During the hot evenings our loose and stylish shirts help you to stay cool.

We cannot skip the accessories so choose from the newest pieces!

Search for more festival essential pieces in Szputnyik shops or on the webshop!

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