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Unrepeatable vintage denim jackets!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals Vintage

The keywords of sustainable fashion are upcycling and recycling. So you don’t have to buy new clothes if you want to throw up the contents of your closet, it’s enough to rethink existing pieces.

That’s why we’re introducing you to one of our favorite collections that creatively breathe new life into vintage pieces. Follow our "Reworked" denim collection!

Patches and embroideries 

In this collection you can see vintage jeans that we have turbocharged a bit. Embroidery and huge stitching on the backs fill them with something to say and color. There is guaranteed to be only one of these!

Find the one the matches the most to your personality!

Smörgas x Szputnyik

One of our favorite Hungarian, environmentally conscious designers is Bán Viki, who brought the Smörgas brand to life. Your self-painted, in most cases branded denim jackets will definitely not come against you on the street, as these jackets are part of the Smörgas x Szputnyik capsule collection.

Intense colors, bizarre patterns and the really sensual encounter of the image world so characteristic of the Smörgas brand with vintage fashion. You just can't help but love it!

Check our webshop or visit our shops for more!

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