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Fjallraven madness - Vintage pieces are waiting for you

For the first time, we don't just have new Fjallraven pieces for you, as we've also managed to get some really cool vintage items. But we've also got bags, hats and belts in a huge range of colours, so feel free to pop in if you're in need. But vintage is unique and unrepeatable, so snap it up before someone else does.

Legjobb Fjallraven táskák

We already know everything about them, every single material composition is clear, we know all the colours and shapes. But is there anything interesting that we might have missed?

We collected these infos for you:

Fjallraven kedvenc darabok

1) 200 Kankens are sold every hour worldwide. The bags have now become an iconic product, much loved by people around the world. Spotting Kanken owners is now a legitimate pastime on the London Underground.

Fjallraven kedvenc darabok

2) Fjällräven is brilliantly waterproof. They are made from a synthetic material called Vinylon F, which behaves like a natural fibre and swells when wet. As it swells, the gaps between the woven fibres close more tightly, making it more resistant to water. This means that there is no coating to maintain and this property is retained for the lifetime of the bag.

Fjallraven kedvenc darabok

3) The trademark rectangular shape means that A4 books, files and laptops can easily fit inside, unlike bags that taper at the top.

Fjallraven kedvenc darabok

4) Zippers wrap around the entire bag, allowing you to open it like a suitcase. This makes it easy to find everything inside, even the deepest items.

Kedvenc Vintage Fjallraven darabjaink

5) Fjällräven is Swedish for Arctic fox, a small predator on the brink of extinction. The company is involved in several conservation projects to help reverse the species' extinction. They take environmental concerns very seriously, and although their products are not the cheapest, they are durable and made with as little environmental impact as possible.

Fjallraven vintage

6) Kanken is a work of art, it's official! In 2016, the Swedish government listed Kanken as a protected design by Svensk Form, the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. To celebrate this, new special edition versions of the Kanken have been released with different strap straps .

Fjallraven vintage

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Fjallraven vintage

Come in and choose your favourite as soon as possible. And don't forget, the webshop is also open, with free delivery for purchases over HUF 20,000.