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The new Fjallraven designs are here!

The swedish outerwear brand that is popular worldvide (and not by chance), Fjallraven has been available at Szputnyik shop for more than six months now. During these months many of you has found a new faithful companion in the form of a Kanken backpack that is created in the name of sustainability and quality.

The anatomically developed bags are protecting your spine and thanks to their durable, quality materials they are extremely lasting. Find them in more than thirty colors at Szputnyik shop! Check out the new arrivals, but careful, there's a high risk you'll fall in love!

The Kånken design was born in 1978 when 80% of the Swedish population was proven to have had back pain in their lives. The cause of that was thought to be the fashionable sidebag of the era that schcoolkids wore every day. Today both children and adults are wearing Kånken all around the world and more colors and sizes are available than ever, now at Szputnyik shop as well. Choose your new Kånken carefully, it will be your companion for a long time!

New colors, new color combinations and new sizes await you among the new arrivals. Kanken big, and Kanken 17'' are here to make sure that everything you might need fits into your new favorite bag!

Fjallraven's Kanken has been an extremely popular design for more than four decades now, moreover, they have a line called Re-Kanken that is created though the most environmentally harmless way in the name of sustainable fashion and eco-consciousness!

Which are the newest arrivals? Check them out, and shop them immeadiately if you feel like it! Just click on the links or the photos!

Kanken 17"

Your classic Kanken is not only a faithful companion in urban life and strolls in nature, but from now on you can freely taki it to school or work! Kanken 17'' was created in order to store and carry your laptop the safest and most comfortable way possible. A padded inner case was added for that purpose, and the shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort, too.

Find it online:


Kanken Big 

The best selling Kanken model in a bigger size, so you can be sure everything fits in it that you might need!
The main compartment can be zipped completely, and the back part can easily be turned into a seat cover.
Perfect for travelling and longer hikes.

Order it here:



 Kanken Pink/AirBlue


A fun, feminine design, not to mention that it combines two fashionable colors of the upcoming seasons. 
I think we have said it all!

Buy it here:





Kanken Forest Green/Ox Red 


Unisex colors, one of the bestselling colors with a plus!





Kanken Royal Blue/Ox Red

We recommend this design to colorful souls, who are not afraid of a little color-blocking! Reed and Blue are complementer colors, their combos are sure to turn heads.





Kanken Brown


Outdoor activity season with a natural color on your back! This war brown shade is a perfect match for sunny summer days.






Re-Kanken State

We have already mentioned the environmentally conscious Re-Kanken bags, that are super green. We have added new colors to our available selection, like this amazing grey

Get in on our webshop:






Re-Kanken Emerald


Speaking of green bags... Why not have it in a vibrant emerald green shade? A perfect remedy for spring tiredness with its popping color!





Choose sustainability, classical design and reliable qualityin the form of a Kanken backpack!