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Fun in the sun - The summer of '16 Collection

Summertime means easier iiving for all of us. Our problems go on vacation even if we don't. More sunshine, more outdoor activites, happier people, and more small everyday pleasures. This free and easy period calls for fun summer clothes. You can find everything at Szputnyik shop that you can party or chill in all summer long. What's more, our newest collection has quite a few items that are acceptable in the office as well.

We are all different, we experience these awaited three months ou own way. Szputnyik shop is here to provide everyone with perfect clothes that fit theior personalities a livestyles.
Our newest summer collection has just landed and now you can check out what we have to offer for a stylish way of coping with the heathwave.

The best you can do is choose easy and breathing materials that are both feminine and practical. Choose a pair of stylish summer pants that are also part of our new collection and await you at our stores!

You will also feel less warm if you wear rathar loose styles. However important practicality is, don't forget to add colors. This year's musts are pastel shades.

The future basics, jumsuits are already in Szputnyik shop. Either you choose the long or the short version of them you can be sure that you won't feel too hot thanks to their great material, moreover, the perfect summer look is also granted.

Many colors and patterns wait for you at our stores.

We never forget about those who never want to grow up! Our fun patterned tanktops have more prints and designs too. They are a must when it comes to summer parties or festivals.
If you want to create a killer party look, come see us since we have brand new headbands, bags and other accessories that won't let you blend in the crowd of a festival or at the beach either.

Sometimes it is hard to match the extreme heat, but you mustn't forget that you had been waiting for these sunny days fpr nearly 9 months! Enjoy your summer, we have everything for you to be able to do so with style and originality.


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