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Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer

In the light of what is happening in the world, it is important that we maintain our sense of humor and positive thinking, which I believe can help us through difficult times. Sputnik has always strived to create a community, whatever happens on a weekday basis, as does the Sputnik crew, which operates as a large family.

Funny accessories and clothes try to make people smile at the hardest times!
The hardships of everyday life not only appeared in the lives of ordinary people, but those who were already in a difficult situation may now have become even more vulnerable.
Do not forget about them and try to take care of people who lose their jobs or homes as a result of the epidemic, whether through donations or ethical brands!

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Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Unfortunately, the events of the world make our lives very difficult now, and the feeling of being locked up does not make our lives any easier. Most people try to relax during this time and focus their attention elsewhere.

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Fashion Projects Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The best choice to impact our environment is to choose the local brands and support their art and ideas. Here are the favorites of Szputnyik shop.

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Rendkívüli közlemény

External Communication

The situation with the coronavirus also poses new challenges for us.

As a result, we are working hard to make work partly from home and to continue expanding our webshop inventory in the next few days.
Our operations are also undergoing a major transformation, and we will inform you below:
From today our shops are only open until 3pm.

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