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Grandpacore promises to be one of the biggest trends this year! Vintage knitted hoodies , vests , layers in all quantities....

If you are interested in this style, stay with us!

Goodbye Coastal Grandmother, hello Grandpacore!

In the summer of 2023, the trend called "Coastal Grandmother" exploded on TikTok. The main elements of the style were mainly white and cream-colored clothes, seasoned with a beach feeling. According to pinterest, this trend will be dethroned by Grandpacore this year. Let's see what exactly this means!

Vintage clothes have been gaining more and more space in the world for years. Sustainability is the most important aspect, since by buying a vintage, used garment, we are also protecting our environment. In addition, consumers are beginning to be satisfied with the mass-produced products of fast fashion brands, they want to dress individually. A vintage piece has a history, a past. This is also the essence of the "Grandpacore" trend: to bring back the old values, to reuse what has already worked.

The aesthetics of grandpacore are inspired by timeless and classic pieces that are usually found in the wardrobes of older generations and grandfathers. The keywords of the style are slowing down, simplicity and quality.

Layers and layers

T-shirt , shirt , knitted cardigan , vest , jacket ... Why not? The start of spring is perfect for layering. Use and layer your favorite vintage pieces!

The focus of the trend is on knitted hoodies and vests. A timeless vintage piece is an essential part of the outfit. Patterns, textures, colors... Feel free to wear the special hoodies! Our store and webshop are full of similar wonderful pieces. This week, we uploaded several knitted hoodies to the web for you, which fit the style perfectly!

You can easily mix vintage pieces with contemporary pieces from timeless brands , as this fits well into the philosophy of the trend.

We really sympathize with this trend, as we are passionate about collecting special vintage clothes and sustainability. It offers a lot of opportunities for unique dressing!

Take a look at our store on Dohány Street or check out our webshop, as you will find countless pieces of clothing for the grandpacore style! Go treasure hunting!