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Eco Friendly Shopping Tips for Green Friday

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Pénteken kezdetét veszi az idei Green Friday, ami a tudatos vásárlásra és karácsonyi készülődésre hívja fel a figyelmet. Hoztunk nektek egy kis ízelítőt, hogy milyen kincsekre válthatjátok be 20%-os kedvezményeteket.  Összeszedtünk nektek néhány tippet, hogy hogyan tölthetitek a Green Friday shoppinglázát is környezettudatosan:

On Friday the craziness starts with the Black Friday but this year, you should stay environmentally conscious. Here we come with a little teaser what you can get with 20% discount now.

Here are a few tips to keep your shopping ECO friendly:

1. Make a list!

Create a list what you really need or what you want to give to the loved ones for Christmas. Be conscious!

2. Ask the other!

You can easily dodge the awkward situation where the others do not like your gifts if you ask them what they really need.

3. Personal receipt

You can take your orders in the Dohány street shop to skip the delivery that harms the environment.

4. Ethical global brands

You can find many ethical global brands in Szputnyik that provide excellent, high-quality to guide you through the adventures for years. These brands are like Fjallraven, Herschel Co., Native, and Dr. Martens.

5. Buy vintage, recycled and reworked products!

Vintage items are special, not only for their value and uniqueness, and not only for being a piece of history but also for their quality and endurance that allows them to be in perfectly wearable condition even after years from their production. Can you image the same thing about a fast fashion item?

You can also find local artists too in our shops with their reworked vintage products, like Smörgas and Art Ktichen. If you want to do something really creative then choose from the hundreds of pins and patches to create your own design.

6. Donate!

In the gate of Christmas a lot of us donate to the people in need. In Szputnyik you can find many ways to charity during the whole year. Support the Down Foundation, the Szent Ferenc Animal Home and the Hungarian Ornithological Institute and in exchange you can choose a little treasure.

7. Leave the wrapping!

In the last few years, the zero heros are trying to draw attention to leave the packages during the shopping just as the time of Christmas, when you should rather choose a lovely vintage kerchief instead of the one-use wrapping paper.
Bring your own canvas tote to the shopping to reduce our ecological footprint.

Shop from our online selection and visit our stores during the Green Friday too!

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