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Pearls, velvet and New Year - Celebrate the start of 2023 with us

This year's vintage wonders are velvets, shiny pieces, glitter and anything that creates exciting textures. This is especially true if you're going to a party. And New Year's Eve is the perfect time to glam it up. But of course you'll also need some accessories: which will be nothing less than some beaded necklaces and hair clips.

Combine uniqueness with fashion. And live it up. The New Year's Eve party is all about going crazy, so dig out your most extreme outfits and accessories from the bottom of your wardrobe and find your own way.

Gyöngyök, bársony és újév

We love vintage pieces in particular because, as well as each one having its own story and personality, they offer an endless combination of colours, materials and styles, and the end result is always somehow something different from what we're used to.

Szilveszteri pompa

And now here are some crazy New Year's customs that you probably haven't heard of:
1. There is a widespread popular superstition that on the first day of the new year you should not get rid of the garbage, because luck also leaves your home with it.
2. 12 cloves of garlic were placed, which symbolized the months, and salt was placed on them. If the cloves were soaked through in the morning, it meant a lot of precipitation for the month it represents.

Gyöngyök, bársony és újév

3. Originally, evil spirits were driven away by making noise. In the old days, the villagers were beaten up with bagpipes, whips and clubs. The noise is used to forget the bad things and sorrows of the old year, to leave them behind, so that the New Year may be full of happiness and good fortune.

Gyöngyök, bársony és újév

4. Poultry should not be eaten on the first day of the year, as it "scrapes your luck". Pork, on the other hand, should be eaten, as it brings good luck. It is highly recommended to eat grain crops, lentils or beans, as they can bring good luck.

Gyöngyök, bársony és Újév!

5. New Year greetings were once very important for the villagers, and they always had a positive content. There is still a belief that what happens on the first day of the New Year determines the whole year.

Gyöngyök, bársony és Újév!
Feel free to pull out your craziest pieces, because when else can you wear them but on the most free night of the year? No such thing as too much sequins or too high heels!
Guys, don't be afraid to go bold with your outfits, don't let all the attention be on the girls, start the new year as equals!

Gyöngyök, bársony és újév

On the most unusual night of the year, nothing can be ordinary, including your outfit! Choose from our myriad of men's, women's and unisex new, small-batch designer and select quality vintage items and surprise yourself with a New Year's Eve outfit to suit the occasion. Come in store or browse our webshop!