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Summer vibes: Hats

Fashion Sapkák Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Spring has just begun, but summer is already knocking on our door with the dazzling and scorching sunshine. Provide protection from sunlight now, which is also the perfect way to turbocharge your set.

With the proliferation of indie music, fishing caps have also returned to fashion. It may not be our most memorable summer of concerts and festivals, but we shouldn’t give up on the hectic sense of life. 
Get your favorite, in which you will be the king of the garden rooms, or you will conquer the shores of Lake Balaton and get the most out of the situation!
Choose from dinosaurs, animals, food and other crazy patterns to land the most crazy headgear of 2020 in your wardrobe!

Check our online selection!

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Tribal Summer ~ Nyári kampányunk debütál!

Tribal Summer ~ Here comes our summer editorial!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

In our new summer campaign, we’ve brought you a cavalcade of colors, patterns and moods, fooled by the sparkling sunshine.

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Végkiárusítás - 1 napos last minute akció - 30 % minden termékre

Final sale - 1 day last minute sale - 30% on all products

Sale Szputnyik shop K22 Stores

Visit Szputnyik K22, located at 22. Király utca (Káldy u. 1.), and get your latest new and vintage pieces 30% cheaper as a farewell!

You can only choose from the entire stock of the store for 1 day, on June 29, from 12:00 to 20:00.
Password: Goodbye
Say goodbye to business with us and stay with us for an exciting future! 

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We are the Colors! - Bújj a nyár színeibe!

We are the colors!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

While last summer was completely dominated by crazy neon colors, this season’s focus has been more on nature and ice cream colors. Spin through our selection and eye the best pieces and colors!

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