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You can find us again in Kultúrpresszó during VOLT festival!

It's not only the best Hungarian and foreign music that makes VOLT Festival worth a visit between June 26. and  29. at Sopron!

In the historic center of the city there's a speciality café and designer store, Kultúrpresszó ( whose team is eager to welcome the tired festival goers to their charming venue. 


During VOLT you can count on the to provide the best coffee and Hungarian design items, what's more, this year they have a bigger selection of limited new and vintage Szputnyik shop clothing than ever before!

Kultúrpresszó is the only place serving speciality cofee in Sopron!

The amazing cakes and bakery makes the huge scale richer that are the perfect refreshers during the festival time!

Get out from the tiring festival and get new energy in the Kultúrpresszó to be ready for every experience during the VOLT festival!

Visit Várkerület 96. and recharge yourself with cofee and fashion during VOLT Festival!

Sopron, Várkerület 96.

Open: Mo-Fri 8:00- 19:00
Sat: 8:30 - 20:00
Sun: 9:00 - 19:00
Check Kultúrpesszó on Instagram for more: