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Style tips: how to wear your TOMS shoes!

Our favourite alpargata shoes are back this year in our shop and webshop with unforgettable designs and colours. And for an exciting summer, it's essential to complement your footwear with super sets.
What do you need to know about TOMS?
They have a place in every conscious shopper's wardrobe, because TOMS is much more than just a stylish, youthful and quality footwear brand!
Originally part of the Catalan folk costume, espadrilles or alpargata style shoes are now a hugely popular choice, thanks to their distinctive design and practical and comfortable fit, and are found in the wardrobes of millions. Not in yours yet? It's time to change that.
Take responsibility:
TOMS believes in a future where every person has a chance to thrive. That's why they invest ⅓ of their profits in local efforts, such as organisations that drive change at the local level.
Environmental awareness:
Their mission has always used business to improve lives, and that includes taking care of the place we all call home. They don't have all the answers, but they are committed to making decisions that benefit their customers, their employees and the planet - from the materials and suppliers they choose to the delivery of each product.